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Content creation

Do you need fresh, interesting content for your website or blog? I can create it for you. Any length, any subject and any style; I can deliver an expe

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Proofing and editing

No matter how good a writer you are, it’s always best to have a second opinion before you release it into the wild. Once it’s out on the internet

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Books and eBooks

Do you have a great plot idea but don’t know how to turn it into a novel, or would you like a professionally written book on your hobby, business or

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Public Health – Medicine’s Mad Dogs

This post was originally published here on 18 February 2017 Public health activists used to give valuable, life-saving advice, and in many parts of the world they still do: Don’t shit upstream from the village, because it’ll foul the drinking water; don’t let standing water accumulate, because mosquitoes will breed in it; vaccinate your kids,

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Dear Public Health: This Is Why We’re Angry

This post was originally published here on 10 April 2017 A few days ago I was talking to someone who works in public health. This person is genuinely well-meaning, and seemed upset at the amount of hostility they’re seeing from vapers. Why, they wondered, are we all so angry at them? Don’t we realise that public health

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