Let’s call time on stupid vendors

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Stupid vaping products sold by stupid vendors

Let’s call time on stupid vendors

A few weeks ago I expressed some annoyance at vendors who were, in my opinion, being stupid. In this particular case it was a rash of morons selling “Pokéjuice”, a trademark-busting product that’s also an absolute gift to those who claim the industry is targeting children. I made some comments on Facebook and reported a couple of vendors to Trading Standards, but mostly what I did was annoy stupid people. I’m not exactly a stranger to annoying people, and it’s not like upsetting the stupid ones troubles my conscience, but it is pretty frustrating to raise problems like this and be met with a wall of baffled, stupid annoyance.

I don’t believe for a minute that any of the mainstream vapour product makers, or even the dreaded tobacco companies, are “marketing to children”, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to say the same about some of the more stupid independents. By all means make ice cream flavoured e-liquid. In fact I’m trying out a very nice strawberry vanilla ripple as I write this. Adults like ice cream too. But seriously, what the fuck is the justification for this?


Whether the industry is targeting children or not, people who want it shut down are claiming that it is. This is reality. Ignoring reality is not brave or clever; it’s stupid. When people accuse you of making products that appeal to children there is nothing smart about disguising your fairly pedestrian-looking small glass dripper bottle as a tub of ice cream. You are not being edgy, witty or ironic. You are being a dick.

Here’s something else about disguising your products as food: It’s against the law. If you’re tempted to sell something that’s packaged to look like a Cornetto, you might want to read this first. You’ve read it and you don’t agree with the law? Well, that’s just tough. Brexit has given the UK vaping industry a potential lifeline. If we play this the clever way we could get the EU’s idiotic TPD removed, and replaced with a set of sensible laws that ensure safety without banning whole categories of products. But if we want sensible laws the industry has to demonstrate that it can obey the law. If you don’t act like adults you won’t be treated like adults. You’ll get spanked – and frankly, if you’re selling Pokéjuice or the products pictured in this post, you deserve it.

A story about stupid vendors selling stupid products is now on BBC News. That’s a global news outlet. Do we really need negative stories, that seem to confirm everything the public health lobby has been saying, on global news right now? No, we do not. In a few weeks the WHO’s COP 7 conference will be taking place in New Delhi, and the prohibitionist maniacs who run that will be looking for any excuse to clamp down on vaping. Five stupid vape shop owners on Merseyside just handed them another one.

If you make products like the ones featured here, you are stupid. If you sell those products, you are stupid. If you continue to buy from a vape shop that sells those products, you are stupid. There are powerful people out there who want to shut down every vape shop and force you to buy medicalised cigalikes from a pharmacy. Guess what? They’re going to get their way, unless the people making, selling and buying this fucking rubbish stop being stupid.

  • Andy Fielden

    Well said that man! Good products sell themselves. Surprised you haven’t covered the Mcdonalds Apple pie rip off that clowns have flaunted all over facebook this past week. All though I think I read somewhere the trading standards have raided a store that stock it this week.
    This is why most responsible people in the industry don’t oppose regulations per sa. It’s just we are also aware mysterious powers that we can’t talk about are making deals behind closed doors to shut the vaping industry down.
    The TPD is a result of these mysterious powers and these wide boys are just pouring fuel onto the fire!

  • Dragonmum

    With you all the way on this. Are these lunatics aware that some of us have fought for years to get vaping accepted as a grown-up alternative to smoking? Or are they working to some totally different agenda and if so whose and why? I find these people quite unbelievable.

    • Neil Robinson

      They’re not thinking beyond their own miserable profits. They dont give a damn about vaping, vapers, or the politics involved so long as they make a buck, and frankly we dont need people like that in the industry now or ever. Screw them. Why would I buy a product that I inhale into my lungs from a company who first and only thought is their weekly balance sheet?

  • carlos

    I couldn’t agree more. This doesn’t help our cause in any way shape or form and we need to spread to word so that NOBODY buys from them and they are forced out of business! Fools.

    • Tom Sande

      The only language people like that undestand, is if we, the consumer stop buying there products. And them spread the word and ask all vapers to avoid them. Use twitter, facebook,what ever reach out to most vapers.

  • ScottWichall

    This really, majorly fucks me off. Fucking twats.

  • Completely agree. It’s utterly stupid. Not to mention shortsighted – do such vendors realise they’ve been undermining their own business in the long run?

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