And more nice liquids

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And more nice liquids

I’ve been writing some stuff today about switching to vaping at New Year, instead of making yet another resolution to quit smoking that you just know will be broken by the second of January. Along the way I got to thinking about my own switch, which seems like quite a while ago now. In fact it was quite a while ago – just short of four years. When I bought my first e-cigarette I knew almost nothing about them except that they were safer than smoking (and it’s amazing how many people still won’t accept that little fact), and I had absolutely no idea about the variety of equipment and flavours that existed even then.

Anyway, I walked away from my local vape shop with an eGo-C kit and a bottle of liquid that claimed to be Marlboro flavoured. It wasn’t, of course – cigarette flavours never taste anything like the originals – but it did the job. It  didn’t do it spectacularly, though, so pretty soon I looked at upgrading. That’s when I got my first mod and started experimenting with flavours. I now have a small collection of box mods with various things to sit on top of them . At the moment I’m mostly using a pair of Limitless tank atties – an original RDTA and a Classic Edition, which is a larger version of the new Gold – but I have assorted conventional tanks and a couple of drippers as well. I also have a reasonable assortment of liquid to feed it all with. My all-day vape is a DIY vanilla pipe tobacco, because I’m a penniless freelance writer and DIY liquid is cheap. However I do get my hands on some classier juice sometimes, and that’s what I reach for when I want to sit back and really enjoy myself.

Well, that was a slightly long-winded introduction. What I planned to say is that someone gave me a tankful of liquid the other day, and it’s really rather nice. It’s Cola & Gummy, by Cosmic Fog, so you’ll probably be able to guess that it’s a sweet flavour. Specifically, it’s those chewy cola bottles with the fizzy sugary sprinkles on them. Not only is the flavour spot on – Cosmic Fog have even captured the fizzy sensation, too. I have no idea how they do that, but it’s definitely there. Cosmic Fog are a California-based mixer and that’s usually a good sign; the state’s government might be anti-vaping, but its citizens have embraced the hobby with enthusiasm and it has a world-class industry making high end liquids. This is one of the nicest I’ve tried, and the branding is classy too.

I’d never tried Cosmic Fog liquids before, and I have to say I was really impressed with this. So much so that I’ve splashed out and ordered a couple of bottles as an end of year present to myself. It’ll probably be a few days before they arrive, because thanks to the current exchange rate it was cheaper to order them from a UK shop than a German one, but never mind. There are quite a few Cosmic Fog UK dealers, but in the end I settled on Vapelux, because I’ve heard good things about them. They also sell the Limitless tanks, which is a big plus as far as I’m concerned.

So for now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Cola & Gummy, while I wait for a fresh supply to turn up. My postman better be ready for another week of stalking.