Anti-Vaping Wall of Hate

If you listen to the public health industry, their opposition to e-cigarettes is motivated solely by concern for our health. Yes, obviously it’s our health and we never asked them to force their concerns on us, but still, they mean well, right?

Wrong. Beneath their sanctimonious preaching lies a deep and festering swamp of ugliness. Many who work in public health actively hate smokers – and, if anything, they hate vapers even more. After all, we defied them; instead of bowing to their demands for self-denial and misery, we found a much safer alternative that we enjoy. Enjoyment was never part of their plan. We were supposed to pay for the sin of smoking, instead of finding a fun and harmless escape route.

While those who actually make a living in public health usually try to keep their hatred of us under wraps, it occasionally bubbles to the surface – and their supporters among the public have no reservations at all. I thought I’d showcase some of the more obnoxious outbursts here. Let’s start with a comment responding to the Liberal Democrats’ latest volley in their war against vapers: