A picture might paint a thousand words, but there are also times when words can draw the clearest picture. If you have something you want to say, but you’re struggling to find the words, why not get me to provide them for you? I’m a full-time freelance writer and I can produce practically anything you need, from a short blog post to an eBook ready to publish on Kindle. I can write about your subject, in your voice and from your point of view; whether you need a chatty piece about your favourite hobby, or a fully referenced academic paper, I can deliver the words you’re looking for. Here are some of the writing services I provide:

My rates are realistic, but affordable. My aim is to enable you to get your message across for a reasonable budget, while working at a pace that lets me carry out the research, composition and polishing your project deserves. I am not a content mill that churns out repetitive dross clumsily stuffed with SEO keywords; I do not subcontract to Indian and Kenyan writing farms. When you hire me to write you will get my personal attention, and I’ll work with you through the writing process to make sure what I deliver is exactly what you’re looking for. However if you require a very large number of articles I can create a team for the job, using freelancers I regularly cooperate with.

I accept payment in US dollars, pounds sterling or Euros, although my rates are calculated in dollars. You can pay through PayPal or Skrill, or set up the job on Upwork. Using Upwork means paying a commission but has one big advantage – you can place my fee in escrow when we set up the job. This protects us both; if you’re not satisfied with my work you can file a dispute through their resolution system and reclaim your money, but if I do the work as directed I’m guaranteed to get paid. It’s free to set up an Upwork account and you can hire me through my profile page.

Alternatively you can contact me directly by email. Please let me know as many details about the job as you can.

Whether you get in touch through Upwork or directly, I don’t require advance payment except under certain circumstances. The most common is if you ask for a writing sample on a subject provided by you. I’m happy to send you existing samples, but if you want a custom one I require full payment in advance at a rate of $10 per 100 words. If you need a large job done, such as a book, I may either require 25% of my fee up front or partial payments at a series of milestones throughout the project.

Check my Testimonials page to see what previous clients think.

  • Stan Pijl

    Bravo, well said. I participate in online activism as well. A lot of vapers do it not for themselves, but to ensure other smokers get the same opportunity that they had to access these products. That is why I do it. The fact that it is fun to knock these serial liars down a notch is a pleasant side effect.

  • Dragonmum

    Just spent days doing surveys and letters to Gummint Idiots – where’s my money, I want my money!!!!

  • Pomegranny

    I’m always all over the fear mongering stories like white on rice, and have also fired off letters to editors when comments weren’t allowed.
    I also engage nonsmokers respectfully but truthfully whenever I can, because most of the people I love are nonsmokers and I think if they weren’t being so misled by those with vested interests in the sale and use of cigarettes,most would much prefer vaping to smoking.
    Once they understand they can’t have both, they tend to pick the same thing we did; ie non Big Tobacco vaping, aka the kind that works.

  • Steven C. Day

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    • Fergus Mason

      Oh, have they solved that little diacetyl problem they had?

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