Current projects

When you work for yourself your boss is a slave driver. That’s an old truism, and maybe it’s never more true than it is for a freelance writer. I have lots of ideas for future projects, but I also have to spend most of my time doing day to day writing jobs; after all those are what pay the bills. Here are the projects that, so far, have made it off the drawing board and are being actively worked on.


Bridge over Troubled Waters

A collaboration with screenwriter and storyteller Cary Abbott, this is a family-friendly adventure tale and a sequel to Rumble in the Jungle: Chupacabra Crisis.


Blood Stripe

Another collaboration with Cary Abbott, this gritty thriller explores the world of Los Angeles street gangs and the dark underside of the modern private military industry.


Novel project

I am currently writing an alternate history novel set during the 1982 Falklands War