My favourite writers

Unless I’m asleep, at the pub or out in the back field lobbing arrows at something I’m probably writing. My life revolves around writing. It’s my job, of course, but it’s also something I genuinely love. For me there’s only one thing that comes close to writing for sheer enjoyment, and that’s reading. I read all sorts of things, from Shakespeare and Norse sagas to fan fiction, and I have no time for literary snobbery. If it’s enjoyable I’ll read it; if it isn’t then, no matter how many awards it’s won, I’ll recycle it as firelighters. Here are some of the things I like to read.

Steve Christie

Steve ChristieScottish beer aficionado and crime writer Christie is a must-read for anyone who likes proper cops and robbers tales. You won’t find any political correctness in these novels – just tough cops and violent criminals, all of them painted in vivid shades of moral grey.





Constant Learner

CaptureAs I said, I read fan fiction. Before you say anything I’m fully aware that most of it is dreadful. On the other hand some of it is excellent. Constant Learner is the best fan fiction author I’ve found.

Just in case there’s any confusion – this is the internet, after all – Constant Learner is not actually a hedgehog. She just prefers to remain anonymous. And she likes hedgehogs.