Terms and Conditions


I do not require payment in advance except in the specific case of sample articles on a subject nominated by the client. I have a wide range of writing samples which I can provide free of charge, but if you require a sample written to your specific requirements I require full payment in advance at a rate of $10 per 100 words. Unfortunately asking for unpaid “samples”, which in fact are the job the client wants done, is a common scam in the online writing business and I have been forced to take this step to protect myself against it.

At my discretion I may require my full fee, or the fee for the current milestone if applicable, to be placed in escrow before I begin work. This can be through a mutually agreed third party such as Escrow.com.


I retain full and exclusive copyright over everything I write until my agreed fee has been paid in full, at which point copyright of the final version is transferred exclusively to you. I may request your permission to use the work, in part or in whole, as a writing sample or for other purposes, which I will fully disclose to you. It is entirely up to you whether you agree to this or not. In the event that you agree it does not affect the transfer of copyright in any way; the work will be your exclusive property, to distribute as you wish, and any permission for use you have given me can be revoked by you at any time.

Transfer of copyright applies only to the final version that we have agreed constitutes completion of the job. I retain copyright of any working notes, drafts which differ substantially from the final version and other associated documents.

If my agreed fee is not paid in full for any reason, whether by mutual agreement or not, copyright is not transferred and the work remains my exclusive property. This means you cannot use it for any purpose, in part or in full, without my express written permission. There is no implied consent at any point for you to use my work without payment.

In any case where copyright is not transferred I may periodically check with anti-plagiarism software to ensure that my work is not available on the internet. If I find that my work is being used without my permission I will take whatever action is required, including but not limited to a cease and desist notice, to have it removed and to recover any profit made from its unauthorised use.



Unless otherwise agreed in advance my fee includes two revisions of the finished piece. A “revision” consists of any necessary corrections as well as minor changes to style, tone and content. Requests to add substantial amounts of new content, or to change the literary format and structure, may incur additional fees.